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He practiced at Antwerp at the time of the great plague in 1605.

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Van Helmont and Margaret lived in Vilvoorde, near Brussels, and had six or seven children.

Layla is a beautiful strawberry blonde Chosen with light green eyes, fully trained as an ehros, meaning that she was taught the erotic arts.

Because Rhage couldn’t feed from Mary, he reached out to the Directrix and requested a Chosen to feed from.

When JM went through his transition, she fed him and was hoping to become his first lover, but he turned her down because his past made him unable to continue.

Without any other knowledge or experience, she assumed that she was somehow at fault and feels the shame of having her naked body rejected and being unable to uphold the Chosen’s traditions.As this was the first time in ages that the Brotherhood reached out to the Chosen, she sent Layla, who was close to her needing, in the hopes that her training would be put to use and the Chosen would start producing new little Brothers.