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If you can get along with each..calling, judgemental, and rude people don't come.

Feel good, chat with other people like you that aren't about sex or other things.

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Maderchod- MOTHERFUCKER Bhosadike-BORN FROM A ROTTEN PUSSY Bhen chod-Sister fucker Beti chod-Daughter fucker Bhadhava- Pimp Chodu- Fucker Chutiya- Fucker, bastard Gaand- ASS Gaandu-Asshole Gadha, Bakland- Idiot Lauda, Lund- Penis, dick, cock Hijra- Gay, Transsexual Kuttiya- Bitch Paad- FART Randi- HOOKER Saala kutta- Bloody dog Saali kutti- Bloody bitch Tatti- Shit Kamina- bastard Chut ke pasine mein talay huye bhajiye- Snack fried in pussy sweat Chut ke dhakkan- Pussy lid Chut ke gulam- Pussy whipped Chutiya ka bheja ghas khane gaya hai- idiot’s brain has gone to eat grass Choot marani ka- Pussy whipped Choot ka baal- Hair of vagina Chipkali ke jhaat ke baal- Lizard’s cunt hairs Chipkali ke jhaat ke paseene- Sweat of Lizard’s pubic hair Chipkali ke gaand ke pasine- Sweat of a lizard’s ass Chipkali ke chut ke pasine- Sweat of reptiles cunt Chipkali ki bhigi chut- Wet pussy of a wall lizard Chinaal ke gadde ke nipple ke baal ke joon- Prostitute’s breast’s nipple’s hair’s lice Chullu bhar muth mein doob mar- Drown yourself in a handful of semen Cuntmama- Vaginal uncle Chhed- Vagina, Hole Apni gaand mein muthi daal- Put your fist up your ass Apni lund choos- Go and suck your own dick Apni ma ko ja choos- Go suck your mom Bhen ke laude- Sister’s dick Bhen ke takke: Go and suck your sister’s balls Abla naari tera buble bhaari- woman, your tits are huge Bhonsri-Waalaa- You fucker Bhadwe ka awlat- Son of a pimp Bhains ki aulad- Son of a buffalo Buddha Khoosat- Old fart Bol teri gand kaise maru- let me know how to fuck you in the ass Bur ki chatani- Ketchup of cunt Chunni- Clit Chinaal- Whore Chudai khana- Whore house Chudan chuda- Fucking games Chut ka pujari- pussy worshipper Chut ka bhoot- Vaginal Ghost Gaand ka makhan- Butter from the ass Gaand main lassan- Garlic in ass Gaand main danda- Stick in ass Gaand main keera- Bug up your ass Gaand mein bambu- A bambooup your ass Gaandfat- Busted ass Pote kitne bhi bade ho, lund ke niche hi rehte hai- However big the balls might be, they have to stay beneath the penis Hazaar lund teri gaand main-Thousand dicks in your ass Jhat ke baal- Pubic hair Jhaant ke pissu- Bug of pubic hair Kadak Mall- Sexy Girl Kali Choot Ke Safaid Jhaat- White hair of a black pussy Khotey ki aulda- Son of donkey Kutte ka awlat- Son of a dog Kutte ki jat- Breed of dog Kutte ke tatte- Dog’s balls Kutte ke poot, teri maa ki choot- Son of a dog, your mother’s pussy Lavde ke bal- Hair on your penis Lund Chus: Suck dick Lund Ke Pasine- Sweat of dick Meri Gand Ka Khatmal: Bug of my Ass Moot, Mootna- Piss off Najayaz paidaish- Illegitimately born Rundi khana- whore house Sadi hui gaand- Stinking ass Teri gaand main kute ka lund- A dog’s dick in your ass Teri maa ka bhosda- Your mother’s breasts Teri maa ki chut- Your mother’s pussy Tere gaand mein keede paday- May worms infest your ass-hole Ullu ke pathe- Idiot I Hope My Lovely Friends That These are Enough FOR You…. [{"type":"post","id":86,"post ID":86,"css Classes":"post post-86 type-post status-publish format-standard hentry category-uncategorized author-suitorashish","parent ID":0,"title Raw":"List Of Hindi Gaaliya With Their Meaning, New Hindi Bad Words","title Filtered":"List Of Hindi Gaaliya With Their Meaning, New Hindi Bad Words","title Was Generated From Content":false,"content Raw":"In India The Most Popular gaaliya Are Maderchod as everyone know .

But fame had come with a backlash she could never have anticipated.

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make friends and talk to people who feel or are in the same boat as you..

: Dim just stoned and was really in the mood to chat to anyone, so please ill talk about anything although im not sure how coherent i will be.

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