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Not that I wouldn’t love to live like a queen for a day, but I am a working-class girl from south Chicago. This means that every lamp, rug, table, houseplant, dish, appliance, and one-of-a-kind antique we’ve ever put under a roof—not to mention the roof itself— has been debated like the Florida recount. For so long, I had taken for granted that it would always be here, all of that emotion and passion and creativity.

Despite our similar shoot-the-moon, go-big-or-go-home tendencies on everything else, when it comes to money, James doesn’t believe in energetic movement. In other words, moving to New Orleans after nearly 20 years together in Washington, D. JAMESI had always had a deep affection for New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina, though, I couldn’t stop thinking about the fragility of the place. James hates shopping for real estate almost as much as he hates snow. JAMESI didn’t move away from Washington because I wanted to run away from something. tend to care very much about the latest political fight or the next campaign, but nobody cares whether LSU wins or loses.

The two timber blockages are creating a significant bed height difference within the channel and will continue to trap debris in the future further increasing their impact.

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The construction of a simple fish-pass on this small concrete weir will open up approximately 2 km of excellent juvenile habitat.

And she had everything invested in this guy, and she hasn't been the same since this happened.

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