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The i Pad lets you adjust sound setting in two ways: You can adjust the volume for all apps on your i Pad, and you can specify whether system sounds play for events such as new e-mail, calendar alerts, and keyboard clicks.Though individual applications such as i Pod and Videos have their own volume settings, you can set your i Pad system volume as well to control how loud system sounds and sounds in the apps that don’t have their own volume controls are.With the release of i OS 4.2 for i Pad, the Screen Rotation Lock switch’s functionality was changed to serve as the Mute button.Another way to mute your i Pad is to hold down the volume switch (below the Mute button on the top-right corner of the device) until the sound is effectively off.

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To adjust the system volume from the Settings dialog, in General settings, tap Sounds.

In the Sounds dialog that appears, tap and drag the slider to the right to increase the volume or to the left to lower it.

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